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My new business venture as a Personal Stylist

For a long time I have wanted to live my dream of becoming a Personal Stylist but haven't had the courage or time as a Mum of 3 children there always seems to be something that gets in the way of this reality. So after 10 years of having time off with my kids, which I have been very fortunate to do I now look forward to starting my new business venture. A year ago I took the plunge and studied a foundation diploma in fashion and personal styling at London College of Style, I found this to be an eyeopening experience and I truly found myself again. The course enabled me to think for myself and I was certainly taken out of my comfort zone as I found myself styling for editorial shoots and working with celebrity make up artists and photographers. Initially I took the course planning to be a personal stylist as this would fit in with my lifestyle as a mum. I could work around the school run and manage my own diary, so that I could attend all important school events and be there for when the kids came home. However I found myself exploring other exciting opportunities and as a creative was inspired by the possibility of a whole new styling career. I worked behind scenes at London Fashion Week dressing models for Vivienne Westwood, Paul Costelloe, Belstaff, KTZ and Maharishi to name but a few. As an intern which for anyone in this industry is a fantastic way of networking, I assisted renowned stylist Joanna Hir on a music video with Skunk Anansie and then worked with her as a wardrobe assistant for a movie. Possibilities I had never dreamed of and certainly far removed from my buying days at Jane Norman pre kids! However this lifestyle with a family of 3 kids to run is hard to manage, with a husband who has a successful career in his own right I had to think seriously how a styling career was going to work for me. A year later whilst the idea of a stylist's life seems glamorous, I have to be realistic as to what really works for me and my family. I have always loved fashion from an early age and love shopping with friends and giving styling advice and then I had my eureka moment, why not do something I love and actually do what I had set out to do and become a Personal Stylist! As a buyer, I was used to selecting a range of clothes for a specific target market, influenced by quick turnaround of high fashion trends for a commercial high street retailer. In personal styling I will be using similar skills to help my clients make the right style choices for them. Previously, whilst running my own fashion retail business I often came across customers who were struggling to look and feel good especially after having had children. This gave me a real insight on a personal level how with the right style choices I can help someone feel more confident about themselves. I know only too well what its like to give up a career to have children and then to lose all confidence in yourself that you have to rebuild and start again, but at the same time how rewarding the challenge can be when you finally prove to yourself that you have the strength and the will power to do something for you. So here I am at the start of a new chapter in my life, in a week's time I shall be doing an intense week course at London College of Style where I shall be training for my diploma in Personal Styling. I have been assured that the aim is to have me up and running, so with a new website to design it certainly proves to be a busy time ahead. I can't quite believe that my dream is becoming close to a reality but once you make that step there is only one way to go and for me I'm not looking back. I can't promise regular posts but I will keep you updated on my progress, there are so many inspirational quotes I would love to share but one that seems most fitting to me right now is by the fashion icon, Iris Apfel. "You have to try it. You only have one trip. You've got to remember that." IRIS APFEL Thanks for reading! x

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