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Styling a Music Video

My first experience styling a Music Video recently with award winning stylist Joanna Hir was for Skunk Anansie's 'Love Someone Else' directed by Isaac Tomiczek inspired by a film he'd seen recently called 'Victoria' at the London Film Festival. The video is based on a scene that takes place in a club where a stag and hen bump into each other, the bride and groom to be (to other people) are drawn to each other and the situation escalates with the Best Man and Maid of Honour getting involved, emotions are heated when the stag gets a call at the end from his own 'Bride to Be.' The short video is all filmed in one take which suits the continious pulsing lyrics of the song. With access to a great venue, the Red Gallery Arts Club in Shoreditch with its raw decor and numerous rooms this gives the video a cool ravey feel about it and suits the song from a visual perspective perfectly. Working with a great cast and an upbeat crew the brief was cool, edgy and by no means tacky! For the lead males think rockstar on a night out, for the lead females, Rihanna on a night out and for extras think you're going to a cool fashion party. Armed with my case full of designer clothes from Press agencies the job of sifting through outfits begins. As I mentioned the cast were great and everyone was in a party mood you would never know it was a Tuesday afternoon in Shoreditch. Joanna is always prepared for every situation, whilst I might grumble at the weight of my case I soon realise why we have packed everything but the kitchen sink. As we measure the cast and realise some of the extras haven't brought outfits that fit the brief, fortunately we have it covered and manage to dress everyone in time. Working on a set is all about timing and its important to work within your allocated time slots, once hair and make up is done, the cast are ready to be styled and filming can begin. Once dressed the other role of a stylist on set is to check continuity whilst filming, this involves either watching on set or viewing from a screen. In the case of Skunk Anansie's 'Love Someone Else' music video we were viewing on set tucked safely behind the bar on hand in case an outfit needed adjusting or replacing. The video was shot and met the time schedule allocated, it's a wrap! Whilst having heard the song numerous times I have to admit it's pretty damn good! Only one thing left to do once fiming is over, take my heavy case of returns back! The glamourous world of a stylist is soon brought back down to earth but worth it, not every school Mum can say they were in Shoreditch on a Tuesday afternoon styling a music video she says with a smile and feeling just a bit Rock 'n' Roll, until next time ............... xx

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