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Wendy, Director LCS

Windsor, Berkshire

'To book a styling experience with Vicky, is the ultimate investment and treat for you.  She has the incredible capacity to appreciate and bring to life the hidden potential in everyone!  A true people person, Vicky gets the challenges that real life throws at us all, and time spent with Vicky, is to discover the best version of you.  Find renewed rigour and confidence and look and feel incredible, as well as having a great deal of fun in the process.'


Alex, Personal Trainer

Cookham, Berkshire

'Vicky came to my house for a wardrobe edit and colour consultation and it was fantastic!  Vicky clearly understood my lifestyle requirements and my body shape.  I discovered new outfit options and we made plenty of space in my wardrobe by de-cluttering and reorganising.  Vicky was open and honest about items of clothing in my wardrobe as well as being insightful and helpful about my outfit planning.  Vicky was especially helpful offering solutions for accessing looks and my accessories storage.  Vicky has a great eye for style, utilising and re-working clothes that I had considered no longer useful.  It was time very well spent and I would highly recommend Vicky!'

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Jackie, Business Coach

Maidenhead, Berkshire

'Vicky has supported me with an overhaul of my wardrobe on numerous occasions as well as shopping with me for new clothes for work, casual and special events.  She is exceptional in her knowledge of fashion, clothes, colours, trends and has an amazing ability to see what would suit you as well as your personality.  Not only the physical aspects, she gets you thinking about how you feel in clothes and how to hold yourself more confidently when you wear appropriate colours and styles.  As well as challenging you to try new styles, accessories and colours which I really enjoyed and benefited from.  She has an outstanding way of communicating too.  She always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed and gives feedback in the most polite and engaging way.  The result is I have a wardrobe that works for me that I don't have to think about each time I open it and I walk taller knowing I look good.  I highly recommend Vicky as an exceptional stylist and wouldn't use anyone else!'

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Leah, Interior Designer

Maidenhead, Berkshire

Vicky is fantastic to shop with, she has a real passion for clothes, fashion and colour, there is always an element of fun.  Vicky is great at spotting interesting pieces as well as classic cuts.  I really trust Vicky's opinion since she really knows the best styles for my body shape and personality.


Sarah, Leadership Coach

Maidenhead, Berkshire

Vicky is relaxed, fun and informative in her approach, friendly and good at empathising.  She managed to maintain the level between friendly and professional.  Vicky built up a good level of rapport, which put me at ease.  The level of knowledge and confidence around style and colours displayed was excellent.  Vicky provided me with a thorough report which enabled me to construct several new outfits.  All explanations were clear and simple and easy to remember.  The whole experience was relaxed, fun and stress free.  I couldn't recommend Vicky enough! 

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Syl, Photographer

Hove, East Sussex

'My very own go-to Guru for style tips!  Vicky is knowledgeable and a great source for current trends.  I have worked with Vicky on editorial shoots, she really understands her clients well and knows how to bring out the best in someone.'

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