Body Shape and Colour Consultation


What is the importance of knowing your body shape?

Understanding your body shape is key when it comes to dressing and shopping for your shape.  Knowing what suits you and what doesn't is essential to achieve great style and dress your body with confidence. 

I offer a full personalised body shape consultation with plenty of stylish tips to help make shopping more successful and fun!


How can wearing the right colours be beneficial to you?


Wearing the right colours for your skin tone is vital in harmonising your wardrobe.  You’ll be amazed by how wearing the right colours can have such a positive effect, not only on the way you look, but how you feel. 


Matching the right colours to your skin tone will make your eyes sparkle, give your skin a healthy glow and you will appear less tired, helping you to look years younger!

I offer a full personalised body shape and colour consultation with plenty of stylish tips to help make shopping more successful and fun! Included in the 2 and a half hour consultation you'll be given your own personalised colour fan to take away, an essential tool for any future shopping trip!

Body Shape and Colour Consultation - 2.5 hours £145*


*All fees for services including gift vouchers should be paid in full once a date has been booked.

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