Wardrobe Edit


Too many clothes but nothing to wear?


We are all guilty at times for hoarding too many clothes, holding on to treasured items of clothing that one day we may fit into again or might be the next seasons trend.  We remember a wedding or birthday celebration and hold on to clothes for the memories attached and there can be certain items that for whatever reason we may not want to part with.  My aim is to help you de-clutter and make room for a more capsule wardrobe.


Having an organised wardrobe is therapeutic, once you can see clearly how to work your wardrobe it will transform you in a positive way.  Finding something to wear should be effortless not a chore, with some key investment pieces I can show you how to organise your wardrobe so that you can adapt outfits for any occasion.  Long term this will ultimately save you time and money.  If you make simple changes to your wardrobe habits now you’ll eliminate unnecessary stress on a daily basis and you’ll find your style choices will become more manageable.  


So, how does a wardrobe edit work?


I will come to your house and organise your wardrobe according to your needs.  If we are de-cluttering then I will identify any gaps where items may need replacing and suggest key investment pieces that you may wish to consider.  I will look at how you organise the space in which your clothes are hung or folded and suggest ways to improve how you put outfits together.   As well as clothes, I will also look at your shoes and accessories to show how important they are to update or change a look.  The whole experience will not only leave you feeling liberated but you’ll have expert knowledge and styling tips on how to confidently dress for your lifestyle and ultimately manage your wardrobe more effectively.


Following your wardrobe edit if you would like to book a personal shopping trip I can help put together a shopping list tailored to your budget.



*A wardrobe edit takes approximately 3 hours, however this depends on the size of the wardrobe and what you would like to gain from the experience.  


Wardrobe edit - 3 hours £195*


*All fees for services including gift vouchers should be paid in full once a date has been booked.